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Widex Hearing Aids

Save thousands on Widex hearing aids at low discount prices.

We proudly feature Widex hearing aids with some of the best "made-for-iPhone®" technology on the market! Save thousands on Widex hearing aids with advanced technology like the Beyond, Unique, Dream, Mind, and Super models.

Widex features, true-to-life sound quality, crystal-clear streaming from wireless devices, low power consumption for long battery life. Widex hearing aids are proven to outperform other hearing aids in the most challenging listening environments.

Get the Best Possible

We proudly feature Widex Hearing Aids

Our goal is to ensure that you receive the best hearing aids and service to fit your lifestyle while improving your particular hearing loss. Call us today to start on your path to better hearing!

Call (877) 344-7744 to take advantage of our great low prices!

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Widex Beyond
Beyond 440 Call Now for
Beyond 330 Your Lowest Price!
Beyond 220 (877) 344-7744
Widex Beyond offers crystal-clear listening quality and direct streaming from iPhone...
Widex Beyond Z
Beyond Z 440 Call Now for
Beyond Z 330 Your Lowest Price!
Beyond Z 220 (877) 344-7744
Widex Beyond Z offers direct streaming from iPhone with rechargeability ...
Widex Dream
Dream 440 Call Now for
Dream 330 Your Lowest Price!
Dream 220 (877) 344-7744
Dream 110  
Widex Dream hearing aids improve your quality and clarity of hearing with "true-to-life sound...
Widex Super
Super 440 Call Now for
Super 220 Your Lowest Price!
Widex Super combines highest power in one of the smallest packages in the industry...
Widex Unique
Unique 440 Call Now for
Unique 330 Your Lowest Price!
Unique 220 (877) 344-7744
Unique 110  
Widex Unique hearing aids enable you to hear sounds other hearing aids miss....

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