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Widex Evoke hearing aids combine faster processors and machine learning to adapt automatically to any listening situation.

Our Prices are All Inclusive

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Widex Evoke

Widex Evoke is still available, but it is being REPLACED by the newer technology Widex Moment hearing aids.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Improves Your Listening Experience in the Most Challenging Situations!

Widex Evoke hearing aids combine faster processors and machine learning to adapt automatically to any listening situation. The more you wear your Evoke hearing aids, the faster they learn and adjust to your unique needs and listening situations. You could say they evolve and get better at helping you distinguish speech with every day!

Widex Evoke not only remembers the environments you’ve been in, but it uses that as a basis for adjusting itself when you encounter similar listing situations. You can “teach” it your hearing preferences by using the Evoke App to select your preferred sound profiles. Evoke connects to your smartphone via bluetooth; and is avalable in three technology levels and a variety of Behind-The-Ear and In-The-Ear styles.

Available in Three Technology Levels from Ideal Hearing

  • Evoke 440 — Premium features include 15 frequency bands, 5 programs, feedback cancellation, noise reduction, speech enhancement and directionality.
  • Evoke 330 — Advanced level technology with 12 frequency bands, 4 programs, feedback cancellation, noise reduction and directionality.
  • Evoke 220 — Essential level technology with 10 frequency bands, 3 programs, feedback cancellation, noise reduction and directionality.

A Smart Hearing Aid Simple Enough for Everyone

Widex Evoke is an excellent choice for individuals with mild to profound hearing loss. It is suitable for quiet, moderate to demanding listening environments and is currently available in the following styles and configurations.

  • RIC: Evoke Fusion2 (Mini RIC) – Standard, Medium, Power and High Power Receivers

Optional Accessories Available for the Evoke

The following optional “DEX” wireless (hands-free) communication accessories are also available for the Widex Evoke to enhance your listening ability.

  • COM-DEX – Wireless Bluetooth streamer for iPhone®, other wireless phones and music devices.
  • CALL-DEX – “Plug and Play” audio-jack wireless streamer for WidexLink technology.
  • UNI-DEX – Connects phones, computers, tablets to hearing aids via 3.5mm audio jack.
  • M-DEX – Wireless Bluetooth streamer from mobile phones with volume and program control.
  • TV-DEX – Wireless streamer from TVs and Stereo systems with base charger.
  • FM-DEX – Wireless audio streaming FM receiver with integrated telecoil.


* WIDEX Evoke is compatible with the following devices or newer: iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad (4th generation), iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2, iPad mini with Retina display, iPod touch 6th generation using iOS 9.0 or later. Apple, the Apple logo, Phone, iPad and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S and other countries.

What's Included

Our Hearing Aids are Brand New - Never Refurbished. Our Prices are "All-Inclusive" with NO HIDDEN COSTS!+ When you purchase your hearing aid, you will also receive our basic service package, including:
  • Genuine, USA, full, original manufacturer warranty
  • Loss and damage insurance (with deductible)
  • Hearing test (if needed)
  • Professional hearing aid programming based on your test.
  • Delivery & follow-up services by a licensed hearing professional at an office near you.
      Initial Fitting
    • Adjustments
    • Cleanings
    • 45-day trial period
  • Financing Available

+All hearing packages are customized to your particular needs. Additional charges (e.g. custom ear molds, extended service plans, required or optional accessories, etc.), if any, will be fully disclosed to you in advance.

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Evoke Features

FeaturesAdvantagesEvoke 440Evoke 330Evoke 220
Technology LevelRelative rating of technology used in this particular model of hearing aid.PremiumAdvancedStandard
Frequency ChannelsDivides the audio spectrum into discrete parts giving precise adjustment and fine tuning tailored to your specific needs.151210
Fluid Sound AnalyserDivides and automatically classifies your listening environment for improved noise reduction and speech comprehension.1174
Smartwind ManagerProvides "best-in-industry" speech understanding in wind noise.
High Frequency BoostProvides extra amplification for "difficult to hear" speech sounds in the high frequency range.
Digital PinnaAutomatically chooses the direction of your hearing focus based on where speech is detected.
Speech Enhancer RTImproves understanding of speech by reducing background noise and focusing on the dominant speaker.✓ RT/InterEar✓ InterEar
TruSound SoftenerInstantly suppresses sudden sharp loud sounds for more hearing comfort
Noise ReductionSignificantly lowers the amount of non-speech background noise for better speech understanding.
Automatic AcclimatizationAutomatically adjusts the volume of the hearing aids to the environment of the the user.
Feedback CancellationEliminates squealing from sounds feeding back into microphones at high volume levels.
Audibility ExtenderLowers the frequency of high-pitched speech sounds like "s" and "sh" into a range where you are physically capable of hearing them for better speech understanding.
ZEN / ZEN+Special program helps to reduce discomfort due to tinnitus and promotes relaxation.✓ InterEar✓ InterEar✓ InterEar
WidexLink ConnectivityWirelessly connect to your favorite devices with optional DEX wireless accessories.
Volume ControlChanges volume on both hearing aids with just one touch.
Preference ControlChanges programming on both hearing aids at one touch.
TelecoilDetects the presence of landline phones and telecoil loops in theatres.
POWERSAVER TechnologyProvides longer battery life by putting the hearing aids in a low power state .
Warranty3 Years3 Years2 Years
Color Options

Color Options

Standard Colors:

Evoke 1Tan SilkEvoke 2Copper BrownEvoke 3Warm Beige
Evoke 4Summer GoldEvoke 5Cappuccino BrownEvoke 6Titan Gray
Evoke 7Winter SilverEvoke 8Midnight BlackEvoke 9Pearl White

Sport Colors

Evoke 10Lime GreenEvoke 11Mediterranean TurquoiseEvoke 12Metallic Blue
Evoke 13Shocking PinkEvoke 14Sporting Red
Detailed Information

Evoke Specifications

Technology LevelEvoke 440Evoke 330Evoke 220
Open Fit StyleYesYesYes
Frequency Bands151210
Memories / Programs543
Technology LevelPremiumAdvancedStandard
Volume ControlProgrammable Button & Smartphone AppProgrammable Button & Smartphone AppProgrammable Button & Smartphone App
On-Board Control TypePush ButtonPush ButtonPush Button
Remote Control AvailableYesYesYes
Directional MicrophoneYesYesYes
Noise ReductionYesYesYes
Sudden Noise ProtectionYesYesYes
Wind Noise ReductionPremiumBasicBasic
Feedback ManagementYesYesYes
Aid-to-Aid CommunicationYesYesYes
Wireless CapableYesYesYes
Direct to iPhoneYesYesYes
Battery SizeSize 312Size 312Size 312
Warranty3 Year3 Year2 Year
Loss/Damage Warranty3 Year2 Year1 Year