How to Better Hear Your Grandchildren

    How to Better Hear Your Grandchildren

    People with high-frequency hearing loss often have difficulty hearing the high-pitched voices of children. And during this unusual time – a time when many of us are limiting in-person interactions – you may find it even more difficult than usual to communicate with the ones you love. 

    Grandfather can better hear grandchild thanks to hearing help

    With that in mind, we have a few tips for you on how to better hear your grandchildren, whether you’re visiting in-person or you’re communicating while social distancing! 

    5 Tips to Help You Better Hear the Ones You Love

    1) Instead of a phone call, do a video chat. Through video chat, you’ll be able to see your grandchild’s facial expressions and mouth movements, which can help you better understand him or her. Plus, you’ll be able to see that beautiful smile! 

    2) Whether you are communicating in-person or digitally, try to eliminate any background noise. Turn off the television, music, the fan, and the dishwasher. Basically, anything that will add extra noise into the environment! 

    Also, avoid using speakerphone if you’re talking on the phone. While talking on speakerphone may be convenient, it can cause serious issues with clarity.  

    3) If your grandchildren are old enough to understand, explain your hearing loss to them and ask them to speak as clearly as they can and look at you when they talk. You can also ask them to rephrase or repeat words and sentences you didn’t hear.  

    4) Use the technology available to you to improve communication between you and your grandchildren! You can use text or chat messages to clear up any confusion. You also may be able to download text-to-speech software for your phone or computer to aid communication! 

    5If you have hearing aids, wear them when you talk with your grandchildren! If you don’t, now is the time to take the first step! We can help! 

    Call to speak with one of our friendly hearing aid professionals today at (877) 344‑7744 and we’ll be happy to get you started on your journey to better hearing! We want to help you hear the people you love! 

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