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Phonak Hearing Aids

Enjoy Great Hearing with Discount Phonak Hearing Aids.

Save thousands now on the latest Phonak hearing aids including the Audeo, Bolero, Naida, Virto and CROS models. Priced from just $1,049 per ear.

You can save $2,400 or more on a pair of Phonak hearing aids vs. local office prices. You get your ideal combination of price, models, technology and service!

Learn More About Phonak Hearing Aids

You've come to a great place to learn more about Phonak hearing aids. Click the links below to learn more about styles, features, prices and where to buy Phonak hearing aids.

Where to Buy Phonak Hearing Aids

You can buy Phonak hearing aids at local hearing offices, but you can save a lot of money by purchasing here at Ideal Hearing Aids. Phonak requires all of their hearing aids to be fitted "in-person" through a licensed hearing aid dispenser. Because of this, our prices always include local service with a licensed professional.

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Select Your Price Range

You can select from Phonak economy models from as low as $1,049 per ear.

Select Your Model

We have a large selection of all Phonak hearing aid models so you pick the one that best fits your hearing loss, lifestyle and budget. Our friendly hearing specialists will guide you through the process of selecting the best Phonak hearing aid to meet your needs.

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Select Your Technology Level

Instead of just selling you the highest-priced hearing aids like many do, we take the time to learn about your unique hearing requirements to ensure you are getting the right technology for you.

Select How Much Service You Want

Many local hearing offices bundle a big service package in with every hearing aid they sell. The end result is that you may pay thousands of dollars up front for services you'll probably never use.

At Ideal , we include great, basic starter services like a hearing test (if you don't already have one), personalized programming and fitting, adjustments and cleaning during our trial period as well as a generous supply of batteries. After that, we've "unbundled" our service so you can buy as much service as you need. You never pay for more service than you want.

You buy your Phonak hearing aids from us and your fitting and follow-up service will be provided at one of our partner offices nationwide.

Better Business Bureau A+ Rated with Over 25 Years of Hearing Aid Expertise

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Phonak Hearing Aid Features

Each Phonak hearing aid style is available in up to four different technology levels: Premium, Advanced, Standard and Essential. Each of these have varying features suitable for different hearing demands. Speak with one of our hearing specialists at (877) 344-7744 to help determine which features best suit your lifestyle.





Channels Divides sound spectrum for more accurate hearing adjustments. 20
EchoBlock System Improves listening in environments with reflective surfaces.
Speech in Car Reduces road and engine noise to enhance communication.
WindBlock Suppresses wind noise to enjoy your time outside.

Speech in 360 Automatically selects the direction of speech.

Comfort in Noise Uncomfortable loud sounds are reduced.


Wireless Connectivity Stream calls, TV and other media from most devices via
optional ComPilot II remote control.




Tinnitus Balance Helps reduce ringing in the ears while wearing.



UltraZoom Extracts the single voice from a noisy crowd.



Speech in Noise Noise is reduced from the rear to focus in front of you.



Noise Block Reduces uncomfortable background noise.



Water Resistant Provides protection against water, sweat, moisture and dust.



Warranty 3 year Warranty, 2 year Loss/Damage Insurance Included.




These and Fourteen Other Features are Available on Phonak Hearing Aids! Give us a Call to Learn More!

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Phonak Hearing Aid Styles

Phonak hearing aids are available in four basic styles. We can help determine which one is right for you. Call toll-free at (877) 344-7744.

Phonak Audeo B Hearing AidReceiver-in-Canal (RIC) - The Audeo B and rechargable Audeo B-R is Phonak's RIC hearing aid. Sound is transmitted via a thin wire to a tiny speaker in the ear canal. The Audeo is Phonak's smallest and most-popular hearing aid worn outside-the ear. It is suitable for a wide range of hearing losses.
Click Here to Learn More about Audeo B.

Phonak Bolero B Hearing AidBehind-the-Ear (BTE) - The Bolero B is Phonak's BTE hearing aid. Sound is transmitted via a clear, hollow tube into the ear canal. The Bolero is somewhat larger than the Audeo B, but it can also support higher power levels and longer battery life for those with more severe hearing losses.
Click Here to Learn More about Bolero B.

Phonak Naida V Hearing AidPower Behind-the-Ear (BTE) - The Naida V is high power BTE hearing aid for those with profound or severe hearing loss. Like the Bolero, sound is transmitted via a clear, hollow tube into the ear canal. The Naida V is a large behind-the-ear hearing aid with a large battery to sustain high power levels.
Click Here to Learn More about Naida V.

Phonak Virto V Hearing AidIn-The-Ear (ITE) - The Virto V is an ITE hearing aid available in many different sizes and power levels. It is a custom-molded hearing solution specifically contoured to fit your ear canal. We typically recommend this style for those already familiar with and are accustomed to wearing this type of hearing aid.
Click Here to Learn More about Virto V.

Have a Question About Which Phonak Hearing Aid Style is Right for You? Give Us a Call Toll-Free!

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Phonak Hearing Aid Prices

The price of a pair of Phonak hearing aids can vary widely depending on your regional market. At Ideal Hearing Aids, our unique business model allows us to offer you Phonak hearing aids for as low as $1,049 per ear.

It is not unusual for our customers to save $2,400 or more on a pair of Phonak hearing aids
vs. local office prices!

Scroll Down to See Our Featured Discount Phonak ModelsScroll Down to See Our Featured Phonak Models

Phonak Audeo B
Model Average Retail Our Price per Ear
Audeo B90 $3,600 $2,249
Audeo B70 $2,640 $1,649
Audeo B50 $2,400 $1,299
Audeo B30 $2,100 $1,049
Phonak introduces its high-technology "Belong" platform for clearer, more natural speech processing...
Phonak Audeo B-R
Model Average Retail Our Price per Ear
Audeo B90R $4,000 $2,399
Audeo B70R $2,880 $1,799
Audeo B50R $2,560 $1,399
Phonak's latest! Phonak introduces its high-technology "Belong" platform, now with a rechargable lithium-ion battery...
Phonak Audeo B Direct
Model Average Retail Our Price per Ear
Audeo B90D $4,000 $2,399
Audeo B70D $2,880 $1,799
Audeo B50D $2,560 $1,399
Phonak's newest receiver in canal hearing aid that streams direct to iPhone and other smartphones!
Phonak Bolero B
Model Average Retail Our Price per Ear
Bolero B90 $3,665 $2,249
Bolero B70 $2,915 $1,649
Bolero B50 $2,400 $1,299
Bolero B30 $2,200 $1,049
Phonak's newest behind-the-ear with thin tube technology and faster speech processing.
Phonak Bolero B-R
Model Average Retail Our Price per Ear
Bolero B90R $4,000 $2,399
Bolero B70R $2,880 $1,799
Bolero B50R $2,560 $1,399
Phonak's newest behind-the-ear with a Li-Ion rechargeable battery.
Phonak Virto B - Titanium
Model Average Retail Our Price per Ear
Virto B90 $4,000 $2,449
Virto B70 $3,100 $1,849
Phonak Virto B - Titanium is a super tough and light, high-technology hearing aid made from titanium, in a virtually-invisible in-the-ear style, custom fit to your ear canal...
Phonak Naida V
Model Average Retail Our Price per Ear
Naida V90 $3,665 $2,199
Naida V70 $2,915 $1,649
Naida V50 $2,400 $1,199
Naida V30 $2,200 $1,049
Naida V is Phonak's power hearing aid for moderate-to-profound hearing loss. We offer four technology levels of...
Phonak CROS B

We are unable to list a price for the Phonak CROS B because it is a custom hearing solution consisting of practically any combination of Phonak instruments in the Phonak Belong family. When you call, discuss your needs with our hearing professionals and they will quote our lowest sale price for your personalized hearing solution.

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