Audeo Paradise Rechargeable

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Phonak Audeo Paradise features motion sensors and streams calls into both ears from either iPhone or Android devices. Prices start as low as $1,499 per ear!

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Audeo Paradise Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Phonak LogoNow with Motion Sensors!

Phonak Audeo Paradise Rechargeable hearing aids have motion sensors to provide better hearing when you are on the move! Audeo Paradise can be controlled by and stream calls into both ears from either iPhone or Android devices. Prices start as low as $1,499 per ear!

Looking for the disposable battery version? Check out the Phonak Audeo P.

Phonak Audeo Paradise Rechargeable – What’s New?

  • Motion Sensing – accelerometers in the hearing aids detect when you are moving and adjust the microphones accordingly.
  • Speech Enhancer – amplifies soft speech sounds when you are in a quiet listening environment.
  • Tap Controls – double-tapping the hearing aids allows you accept phone calls and switch between streaming TV, music, Siri, Alexa, etc.
  • Dynamic Noise Cancellation – uses spatial cues to reduce loud, annoying sounds.
  • Multiple Simultaneous Bluetooth Connections – you can pair Paradise hearing aids with up to 8 different device and have up to 2 different active connections at the same time, making switching devices easy.

Phonak Audeo Paradise Rechargeable Apps

Audeo P Rechargeable has a number of excellent free Apps to improve your experience: 1) myPhonak, for real-time support and remote adjustment; 2) MyCall-to-text, to convert phone calls instantaneously to a text message-like readout; 3) Phonak Remote app, to serve as a remote control for your Phonak Audeo P hearing aids.

Phonak Audeo Paradise Rechargeable Features

Phonak considers the Audeo P-R technology platform to provide the ultimate in sound quality. It features AutoSense 4.0 which automatically and quickly adapts to your listening environment. It simultaneously uses both hearing aids to produce truly binaural and lifelike sound. Best of all, Phonak Audeo P-R can stream any kind of media, whether it is phone calls, audio books, music, videos and more. Connect your new Phonak Audeo P-R’s to the optional Phonak TV Connector for great sound directly into your hearing aids.

Phonak Audeo Paradise Rechargeable Models

Phonak Audeo Paradise Rechargeable is available in the following formats:

  • Phonak Audeo P-R — Lithium-Ion rechargeable. For example, the Phonak Audeo M90-R
  • Phonak Audeo P-RT – Lithium-Ion with Telecoil (add $50 per unit). For example, the Phonak Audeo P90-RT.

NOTE: The Li-Ion battery charger is included at no additional cost when ordering a pair of Audeo P-R or P-RT hearing aids. If a single aid is ordered, the cost of the charger will be $250.

Phonak Audeo Paradise Rechargeable Accessories

  • TV Connector — plugs into your TV to stream audio directly to your Phonak hearing aids.
  • Phonak RemoteControl — handy pocket or purse remote control with volume and program changing buttons.
  • Phonak PartnerMic — lapel microphone worn by a conversation partner for better hearing in noisy situations.

Please take a moment to check out all the model differences and features available in the Audeo P-R Series in the “Features” tab. Our representatives are standing by to help you choose the model and features best for you!

What's Included

Our Hearing Aids are Brand New - Never Refurbished. Our Prices are "All-Inclusive" with NO HIDDEN COSTS!+ When you purchase your hearing aid, you will also receive our basic service package, including:
  • Genuine, USA, full, original manufacturer warranty
  • Loss and damage insurance (with deductible)
  • Hearing test (if needed)
  • Professional hearing aid programming based on your test.
  • Delivery & follow-up services by a licensed hearing professional at an office near you.
      Initial Fitting
    • Adjustments
    • Cleanings
    • 45-day trial period
  • Financing Available

+All hearing packages are customized to your particular needs. Additional charges (e.g. custom ear molds, extended service plans, required or optional accessories, etc.), if any, will be fully disclosed to you in advance.

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Audeo P Rechargeable Features

ChannelsDivides sound frequency spectrum to automatically adjust to a variety of sound environments allowing each section to be processed independently for more accurate hearing adjustments.2016128
AutoSense OS 4.0Detects and then chooses from the number of preset programs indicated to adjust automatically to your listening environment.9654
EchoBlockImproves listening experience in environments with hard, reflective surfaces that tend to produce echos (e.g. worship centers, auditoriums, meeting halls, etc.)
Speech in CarReduces road noise to enhance communication while driving. Enjoy comfortable, quiet conversations.
Comfort in EchoSignificantly reduces echoing in locations that have hard, reflective surfaces like museums, gymnasiums and auditoriums.
Speech in Loud NoiseAutomatically focus on one person in a very noisy environment like in a noisy crowd or restaurant.
SoundRelaxSoftens annoying loud sounds.
WindBlockSuppresses wind noise to enjoy your time outside.
Speech in 360Automatically selects the direction of speech, improving speech intelligibility without the need for you to face the speaker.
Tap ControlTap the button on the hearing aid to accept and end phone calls, pause streaming or activate Siri/Google Assistant
Environmental BalanceAllows you to adjust the streaming volume in comparison to the other sounds in your environment.
Noise CancelerCombines information from all microphones to separate speech to the front from surrounding noise.
Real Ear SoundRestores localization cues, while giving natural sound perception.
UltraZoomAutomatically extracts the single voice you want to hear from a noisy crowd allowing you to focus on the voice you want to hear.PremiumAdvancedStandardEssential
Media Speech + micProvides a more natural-sounding experience while listening to phone calls streamed through smartphones.
Media Music + micProvides a more natural-sounding experience while listening to music streamed through smartphones.
Comfort in NoiseAutomatically reduces background noise even when no one is speaking.
Acoustic phoneEnables the caller's voice to be heard in both ears while using the phone.
FlexControlEnhances and personalizes the SoundFlow automatic system, making sounds clearer and more comfortable.
FlexVolumeIndividualizes volume control based on your personal hearing loss that makes sounds louder and softer suited to your needs.
SoundRecover 2Restores high-frequency hearing. Enjoy the everyday sounds around you that enrich your life.
Tinnitus BalanceGenerates a signal which can help reduce ringing in the ears while wearing the instruments
Speech in NoiseNoise is reduced from the back allowing you to focus on the conversation in front of you.
Calm SituationCreates a comfortable listening environment to simply relax or enjoy a one to one conversation.
WhistleBlockFeedback-free hearing
QuickSyncGives you the ability to control both hearing aids with one touch.
Auto AcclimatizationAutomatically increases the amplification level while speed of the acclimatization and the target level can easily be adjusted.
Noise BlockReduces uncomfortable background noise such as traffic or the constant hum of a ceiling fan without affecting your ability to understand.
RechargeableEnjoy up to 24 hours of battery life per charge with optional lithium ion batteries and recharger. 6-Year battery life.
Water ResistantProvides protection against water, sweat, moisture and dust.
Warranty3 year Warranty, 2 year Loss/Damage.
Color Options

Color Options

This product is available in 9 colors

Phonak BeigeBeigePhonak Sand BeigeSand BeigePhonak Silver GraySilver Gray
Phonak ChestnutChestnutPhonak ChampagneChampagnePhonak Velvet BlackVelvet Black
Phonak Graphite GrayGraphite Gray
Detailed Information

Audeo P Rechargeable Specifications

ModelAudeo P90RAudeo P70RAudeo P50RAudeo P30R
Technology LevelPremiumAdvancedStandardBasic
Open Fit TypeYesYesYesYes
Volume ControlProgrammable Rocker SwitchProgrammable Rocker SwitchProgrammable Rocker SwitchProgrammable Rocker Switch
On-Board Control TypeProgrammable Rocker SwitchProgrammable Rocker SwitchProgrammable Rocker SwitchProgrammable Rocker Switch
Remote Control AvailableYesYesYesYes
Directional MicrophonesYesYesYesYes
Noise ReductionYesYesYesYes
Sudden Noise ProtectionYesYesYesYes
Wind Noise ProtectionYesYesYesYes
Feedback ManagementYesYesYesYes
Telecoil"T" Models Only"T" Models Only"T" Models Only"T" Models Only
Aid-to-Aid CommunicationYesYesYesYes
iPhone® and Bluetooth® CapableYesYesYesYes
Loss & Damage Insurance2-Year2-Year2-Year2-Year