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Signia Hearing Aids Models and Prices

Save thousands on Signia hearing aids at low discount prices.

Save thousands on Signia hearing aids with Primax technology like the Ace, Cellion, Insio, Motion, and Pure. Prices start at just $1,199 per ear.

Ideal Hearing offers you low, discount prices on Signia hearing aids with a better selection of prices, models, technology and service!

Learn More About Signia Hearing Aids

You've come to a great place to learn more about Signia hearing aids. Click the links below to learn more about styles, features, prices and where to buy Signia hearing aids.

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Signia Hearing Aid Styles

Signia hearing aids are available in three basic styles. We can help determine which one is right for you. Call toll-free at (877) 344-7744.

Signia Pure Nx BT Hearing AidsReceiver-in-Canal (RIC) - The Pure Nx BT and the Li-Ion rechargeable version Cellion Primax are Signia's flagship RIC hearing aids. Sound is transmitted via a thin wire to a tiny speaker in the ear canal. The Pure is Signia's most-popular hearing aid worn outside-the ear. It is suitable for a wide range of hearing losses.

Another Signia RIC style hearing aid is the "made-for-iPhone®" Pure 13 BT Primax; that can transmit calls or media directly from an Apple® device directly to the hearing aids without needing another device.
Click Here to Learn More about Pure 13 BT Primax.

Signia Motion Hearing AidPower Behind-the-Ear (BTE) - The Motion Primax is a high power BTE hearing aid for those with profound or severe hearing loss. Sound is transmitted via a clear, hollow tube into the ear canal. The Motion is a large behind-the-ear hearing aid with a large battery to sustain high power levels.
Click Here to Learn More about Motion Primax.

Signia Insio Hearing AidIn-The-Ear (ITE) - The Insio Primax is an ITE hearing aid available in many different sizes and power levels. It is a custom-molded hearing solution specifically contoured to fit your ear canal. We typically recommend this style for those already familiar with and are accustomed to wearing this type of hearing aid.
Click Here to Learn More about Insio.

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Signia Hearing Aid Features

Ideal Hearing offers the latest Signia processors in three technology levels: Premium, Advanced and Essential. Each of these have varying features suitable for different hearing demands. Speak with one of our hearing specialists at (877) 344-7744 to help determine which features best suit your lifestyle.




Channels/Handles Divides the audio spectrum into small parts for better fine tuning to your specific needs. 48/20 32/16 24/12
Number of Programs Allows you to designate specific settings to a particular program, such as "restaurant" 6 6 6
HD Music Up to 3 preset programs (live, recorded, musician) for a fuller, richer music listening experience. 3 1 1
SpeechMaster Offers better speech understanding by automatically reducing background noise and boosting the speaker's voice.
TwinPhone Sound is transmitted into both ears when using a non-Bluetooth (cordless or landline type) phone.
Wireless CROS/BiCROS Transmitter only option for CROS/BiCROS fitting with e2e Wireless 3.0
EchoShield Reduces reflected sounds in larger rooms that have reverberation.    
Binaural OneMic directionality Advanced programing allows the use of only one microphone on each hearing aid to improve your ability to understand speech coming from any direction.    
Spatial SpeechFocus Targets speech coming from any direction regardless of which direction you are facing while maintaining awareness of sounds around you; particularly useful in the car.    
Extended Bandwidth Amplifies even the highest frequency speech sounds for better distinction of hard-to-understand words up to the 12kHz high-frequency range.    
Adaptive streaming volume Automatically adjusts the volume of streaming media such as music depending on the level of background noise.    
eWindscreen binaural Uses microprocessors in both instruments to communicate with each other to sample your environment reducing wind noise.    
SpeechFocus Targets speech coming from any direction regardless of which direction you are facing.  
SoundBrilliance™ Listen to your favorite music and hear every high note with crystaline clarity.  
Narrow directionality Digital signal processor provides super tight focus on the sounds you want to concentrate on.
Directional Microphones Advanced microphones allow you to detect which direction speech is coming from. 48 32 24
e2e wireless 3.0 Synchronizes your instruments so they're always working together
Frequency Compression Can help improve speech understanding especially for those with high-frequency type hearing losses.
Directional Speech Enhancement Advanced noise management that more effectively filters out extraneous ambient noise. 3 steps On/Off
Tinnitus Management Reduces ringing in the ears with generated tones or ocean wave sounds enabling you to concentrate in quiet situations.
SoundSmoothing™ Isolates and softens sudden, annoying noises for a more pleasant listening experience 3 steps 3 steps On/Off
eWindscreen™ Monitors your environment for wind noise and automatically softens it 3 steps 3 steps On/Off
Feeback Cancellation Automatically searches for and eliminates feedback whistling for greater peace of mind
Wireless Connectivity Allows you to stream phone calls, music, TV and other media to your instruments via optional accessories such as easyTek and Transmitter.
Nanocoating Special coating on the instrument to enhance resistance to water, sweat and dust for improved durability.
touchControl App Controls your program settings and volume directly from cellphones using iOS or Android software.
Warranty   3 Years 3 Years 3 Years

These and Other Features are Available on Signia Hearing Aids! Give us a Call to Learn More!

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Where to Buy Signia Hearing Aids

You cannot buy Signia hearing aids directly from Signia, but you can buy them through a variety of retail stores and online retailers such as Ideal Hearing Aids. Ideal Hearing offers you low, discount prices on Signia hearing aids with a better selection of prices, models, technology and service!

Call (877) 344-7744 to see if there is a Ideal Hearing partner office near you!

Select Your Price Range

You can select from Signia economy models from as low as $1,299 per ear depending on the features and technology you want.

Select Your Model

We have a large selection of Signia hearing aid models so you pick the one that best fits your hearing loss, lifestyle and budget. Our friendly hearing specialists will guide you through the process of selecting the best Signia hearing aid to meet your needs.

Have a Friendly, No-Pressure Conversation About Signia Hearing Aids With Our Hearing Experts Today. Call Toll-Free Now!

(877) 344-7744

Select Your Technology Level

Instead of just selling you the highest-priced hearing aids like many do, we take the time to learn about your unique hearing requirements to ensure you getting the right technology for you.

Select How Much Service You Want

Many local hearing offices bundle a big service package in with every hearing aid they sell. The end result is that you may pay thousands of dollars up front for services you'll probably never use.

At Ideal , we include great, basic starter services like a hearing test (if you don't already have one), personalized programming and fitting, adjustments and cleaning during our trial period as well as a generous supply of batteries. After that, we've "unbundled" our service so you can buy as much service as you need. You never pay for more service than you want.

You buy your Signia hearing aids from us and your fitting and follow-up service will be provided at one of our partner offices nationwide.

Better Business Bureau A+ Rated with Over 25 Years of Hearing Aid Expertise

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Signia Hearing Aid Prices

The price of a pair of Signia hearing aids can vary widely depending on your regional market. At Ideal Hearing Aids, our unique business model allows us to offer you Signia Pure 3px for as low as $1,199 per ear.

It is not unusual for our customers to save $2,000 on a pair of Signia hearing aids.

Scroll Down to See Our Featured Discount Signia ModelsScroll Down to See Our Featured Signia Models

Signia Pure Primax
Model Average Retail Our Price per Ear
Pure 7px $3,520 $1,949
Pure 5px $2,880 $1,449
Pure 3px $2,400 $1,199
Signia (Siemens) takes your hearing to the next step with style, comfort and performance...
Signia Pure Nx BT
Model Average Retail Our Price per Ear
Pure Nx7 BT $3,798  $2,149
Pure Nx5 BT $3,040  $1,699
Pure Nx3 BT $2,400  $1,299
A "made for iPhone" hearing aid with advanced "Own Voice" technology ...
Signia Pure Charge&Go Nx
Model Average Retail Our Price per Ear
Pure C&G 7Nx $3,600  $2,249
Pure C&G 5Nx $2,880  $1,799
Signia's latest "made for iPhone" hearing aid with rechargeability ...
Signia Pure 13 BT Primax
Model Average Retail Our Price per Ear
Pure BT 7 $3,520  $2,149
Pure BT 5 $2,880  $1,699
Pure BT 3 $2,400  $1,299
A premium binaural hearing aid with "made for iPhone" streaming technology ...
Signia Cellion Primax
Model Average Retail Our Price per Ear
Cellion 7px $3,520 $2,149
Cellion 5px $2,880 $1,699
Cellion 3px $2,048 $1,279
Signia (Siemens) introduces the world's-first, Li-Ion inductive charged hearing aid...
Signia Carat Primax
Model Average Retail Our Price per Ear
Carat 7px $3,520 $2,199
Carat 5px $2,880 $1,699
Enjoy "better than normal" hearing with longer battery life.
Signia Insio Primax
Model Average Retail Our Price per Ear
Insio 7px $3,680 $2,299
Insio 5px $3,040 $1,799
Insio 3px $2,560 $1,299
Insio Primax is Signia (Siemens) "in-the-ear" hearing solution for those that are familiar with and prefer a completely custom hearing aid.
Signia Ace Primax
Model Average Retail Our Price per Ear
Ace 7px $3,520 $2,199
Ace 5px $2,880 $1,699
Ace 3px $2,400 $1,249
Signia (Siemens) Ace Primax hearing aids now "outperform normal hearing" and are Signia's tiniest, receiver-in-canal (RIC) style. Ace is almost invisible and is for those looking for the ultimate in discretion...
Signia Motion Primax
Model Average Retail Our Price per Ear
Motion 7px $3,520 $1,949
Motion 5px $2,880 $1,449
Motion 3px $2,400 $1,199
Signia (Siemens) Motion Primax combines high-technology with high-power for superior clarity and feedback-free hearing performance.

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