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    Starkey Genesis AI with Neuro Sound Technology for the clearest hearing yet.

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    Starkey Genesis AI

    Starkey Genesis AI with Neuro Sound Technology for the clearest hearing yet.

    As the successor to the very popular Evolv™ AI the Genesis AI technology empowers users to perceive gentle sounds without interference, recognize words and speech more organically, and notably decrease the cognitive strain associated with listening. The Genesis AI platform comes in a full range of sizes, powers and styles to fit every range of hearing loss and personal preference. AI (artificial intelligence) features internal sensors to monitor your listening environments, adapt to them and the My Starkey app, helps you track your “brain and body health”.

    Starkey Genesis AI Styles

    Genesis AI is available in a wide variety of styles to suit most any hearing loss.

    • micro RIC R — The popular smaller receiver-in-canal, rechargeable, behind the ear style with a toggle switch for volume and program control. Waterproof.
    • RIC RT — The popular smaller receiver-in-canal, rechargeable, behind the ear style with a toggle switch for volume and program control. Waterproof.
    • RIC 312 — Similar to the RIC R, but with a disposable size 312 battery.
    • IIC NW — The smallest “invisible-in-canal” hearing aid.
    • CIC NW — A very small completely-in-canal hearing aid.
    • CIC 312 — A very small completely-in-canal hearing aid with disposible size 312 battery
    • ITC R — A small in-the-canal style hearing aid that is also rechargeable. Waterproof.
    • ITC/HS R — A rechargeable, larger, in-the-canal style hearing aid. Waterproof.

    Starkey Genesis AI Features and Advantages

    • Exceptional Sound Quality —  Genesis performs over 80 million automatic adjustments an hour to provide excellent sound quality in every listening environment.
    • Binaural Streaming – streams music, phone calls and more to both hearing aids directly.
    • Rechargeable — Genesis comes in a complete line of rechargeable hearing aids. The RIC model lasts up to 51 hours on a single charge.
    • Waterproof – Rechargeable models’ new technology keeps them safe from sweat, dirt, dust, drops, and dunks up to 1 meter.
    • Edge Mode + — On demand sound analyzer that continues to scan and adapt as the environment changes.
    • Fall Alert — Provides accurate detection and alerts care-givers if the wearer has fallen.
    • No Feedback — Starkey’s feedback cancellation system ensures feedback-free, comfortable listening all day long.
    • Tinnitus Relief — Advanced Multiflex Tinnitus Technology, adjustable via the My Starkey app, can bring relief to those who suffer from ringing in the ears.
    • Health and Activity Tracking — The My Starkey app allows you to easily monitor your body and brain health with your smartphone. The My Starkey app provides you with a Body Score, Brain Score and an overall score combining the two, called a Wellness Score.

    Starkey Genesis AI Accessories

    The Starkey Genesis AI is compatible with the following accessories:

    • Remote Microphone + — Stream from a variety of sources with Amazon Alexa connectivity.
    • Table Microphone — A multi-function device for use in group settings and also doubles as a TV streamer.
    • Mini Remote Microphone — Simple microphone that can clip on to a partner’s clothing.
    • Remote Control 2.0 — Simple remote control for memories, volume controls and special features.
    • TV Streamer — Stream audio from TV directly to your hearing aids.
    • My Starkey App — Free, easy-to-use smartphone app to control your Genesis AI hearing aids and monitor your health.

    Please take a moment to check out all the model differences and features available in the “Features” tab above. Our hearing specialists are standing by to help you choose the model and features best for you!

    What's Included

    Our Hearing Aids are Brand New - Never Refurbished. When you purchase your hearing aid, you will also receive our basic service package, including:
    • Genuine, USA, full, original manufacturer warranty
    • Loss and damage insurance (with deductible)
    • Professional hearing aid programming based on your test.
    • Follow-up services by a licensed hearing professional
    • Adjustments
    • 45-day trial period
    • Financing is Available

    Prices may vary depending upon your location and the service plan you choose. All hearing packages are customized to your particular needs. Additional charges (e.g. custom ear molds, service plans, insurance filing, required or optional accessories, etc.), if any, will be fully disclosed to you in advance.

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    For a complete list of features, please see the Starkey Genesis AI product line brochure.

    Color Options

    Color Options

    Please call for a complete list of colors as they vary depending upon the style you choose.

    Detailed Information

    For a complete list of specifications, please see the Starkey Genesis AI product line brochure.