Tips to Improve Your Hearing

    Tips to Improve Your Hearing

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    Some Simple Reminders…

    • To hear better in noisy restaurants, consider going early or late to avoid the biggest crowds and find a place that is well-lit so that you can see the faces of the people you are speaking with clearly.
    • Remember that two hearing aids work better than just one! If you have hearing loss in both ears, you get much improved speech clarity and directionality with two hearing aids. If one of your hearing aids is lost or damaged, consider replacing or repairing it right away.We carry many older replacement models as well as the latest technology models of hearing aids. Please Contact Us to inquire
    • Keep ’em clean! This refers to both your ear canals and your hearing aids. Wax build up in your ear canals and dirty hearing aids can rob you of better hearing. Have your ear canals checked every six months for impacted wax. Remember to change wax guards once a month and clean your domes and receivers or tubes twice weekly with an alcohol wipe.
    • Get your hearing checked. If you’ve never had your hearing checked or its been more than six months since your last hearing test, it may be a good time to get a new hearing test. If you or a loved one has noticed changes in your hearing, make sure to schedule a hearing test. Early detection of hearing problems may help prevent more serious hearing loss later.

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