Helping Dad Hear

    Helping Dad Hear

    family outdoorsFor the “Dads” in Our Lives

    Did you know that men are more than five times more likely to experience hearing loss than women? Untreated hearing loss is particularly unfortunate since it can lead men to feelings of frustration, anger, isolation and being disconnected from people who love them and need their input in their lives. Countless research supports the importance of a positive, engaged male role model in healthy family life.

    Whether we are a dad, a granddad or have a loved one we call “Dad,” men have some unique hearing challenges. For example, even though males need hearing aids more often than women, studies show they are also less likely to wear them…

    • Men often have a “tough-guy” attitude when faced with physical problems.
    • Some think their hearing loss isn’t bad enough yet to do anything about it.
    • Guys may think it is a sign of weakness or old age to wear a hearing aid.
    • Some have tried outdated technology or “cheap” hearing aids/amplifiers and find they don’t help.

    For guys out there (and the families who love them), remember…

    • Initial denial is a natural human reaction when faced with a health issue.
    • Most hearing loss is correctable with hearing aids, just like eyesight is correctable with prescription lenses.
    • You are not alone. Millions of men have some degree of hearing loss. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.
    • There isn’t a stigma now for people wearing hearing devices in their ear. Just look around any airport!
    • High-tech, digital, programmable hearing aids are a dramatic improvement over old, low-tech styles.

    Times have changed! When I first got my hearing aids and showed my daughter how I could stream calls and music into them from my smartphone, my daughter exclaimed, “Dad, that’s awesome! You’re like a cyborg!”

    I’m thinking that’s a good thing.

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