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    The ReSound Vea has been discontinued, please visit ReSound LiNX Quattro to see the replacement model.

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    ReSound Vea

    The ReSound Vea has been discontinued, please visit ReSound LiNX Quattro to see the replacement model. The information below is provided for reference purposes.

    Whether this is your first hearing aid or you have been using them for years, the ReSound Vea is an excellent choice. The Vea will give you better hearing and clearer speech understanding in noisy situations, all while being extremely simple to use. With the Vea, you will get many popular features such as feedback management, noise reduction, whistle control, enabling you to better understand speech and still remain within your budget.

    Options Available

    ReSound Vea gives you several options for your comfort and your specific hearing situation. Vea comes in six different models, three technology levels with a variety of styles. You can choose between Behind the Ear (BTE) or custom Completely in the Canal (CIC), In The Canal (ITC) or In The Ear (ITE) variations.

    Special Features


    • Stabilizer™ II with WhistleControl – Enables you to have clearer hearing by identifying and reducing acoustic feedback. WhistleControl virtually eliminates whistling.
    • Noise Tracker™ II – Provides comfortable listening even in noisy environments giving you better speech understanding.
    • Telecoil – Gives you better clarity and ease while using the telephone or in other public areas that are equipped with looping technology, such as theaters.
    • Isolate™ nanotech – Provides you with excellent durability and lower maintenance with coated components for moisture protection.


    Ideal For:

    • Individuals with mild to severe hearing loss.
    • Suitable for quiet to moderate listening environments.
    • ReSound Vea is an easy choice with the following options available.
      • CIC (Completely in the Canal)
      • ITC (In the Canal)
      • ITE (In the Ear)
      • Mini BTE (Behind the Ear)
      • BTE (Behind the Ear)
      • Power BTE (Behind the Ear)

    What's Included

    Our Hearing Aids are Brand New - Never Refurbished. When you purchase your hearing aid, you will also receive our basic service package, including:
    • Genuine, USA, full, original manufacturer warranty
    • Loss and damage insurance (with deductible)
    • Professional hearing aid programming based on your test.
    • Follow-up services by a licensed hearing professional
    • Adjustments
    • 45-day trial period
    • Financing is Available

    Prices may vary depending upon your location and the service plan you choose. All hearing packages are customized to your particular needs. Additional charges (e.g. custom ear molds, service plans, insurance filing, required or optional accessories, etc.), if any, will be fully disclosed to you in advance.

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    Vea Features

    Adaptive Directionality™Focuses in on conversations in noisier environments.Gives you the ability to have full sound quality while minimizing noise on either side.
    Dual Stabilizer® II DFS with Whistle ControlDelivers fewer extraneous sound artifacts and distortion-free feedback control.Gives you feedback-free sound quality. Excellent performance and sound quality even in high feedback-prone situations.
    Noise Tracker™ IIReduces unwanted noise without degrading speech signals.Provides comfortable listening even in noisy environments, giving you better speech understanding.
    PhoneNow™Automatically detects when the phone is next to the instrument.Allows a feedback-free experience when using the phone; customized to your preferences.
    iSolate™ nanotechProtects hearing aids from moisture, oil and debris inside and out.Gives you Increased durability and reliability.
    Color Options

    Color Options

    Vea 1 Medium Blonde Vea 2 Beige Vea 3 Dark Brown
    Vea 4 Marble Gray Vea 5 Black Vea 6 Light (Custom In-Ear Only)
    Detailed Information

    Vea Specifications

    Technology LevelVea 3Vea 2
    Fully flexible programs/Total Programs2/42/3
    Warp™ compression bands76
    NoiseTracker™ II noise reduction
    Adaptive Directionality with Integrated Wind Noise Management™
    Dual Stabilizer™ II DFS with Whistle Control
    Fixed Directionality
    iSolate™ nanotech
    Warranty1 Year1 Year