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Medicare, Insurance and Hearing Aids

Posted Tue, 10/06/2015 - 20:40 by admin

Changing Your Insurance May Save You Money on Hearing Aids

If you are thinking about purchasing hearing aids in the next twelve months, you may want to consider finding an insurance plan with a hearing aid benefit. While Medicare does not cover the cost of hearing aids, some private insurance companies offer supplemental health insurance plans that do.

If you are eligible for Medicare or purchase your own health insurance through the Healthcare Marketplace, there are a variety of supplemental plans that may reduce the cost of hearing aids. Some employers may offer supplemental plans in addition to the standard insurance they normally provide.

You may want to purchase a supplemental plan with a hearing aid benefit or partial reimbursement (typically offered along with a dental and vision benefit) for an additional monthly premium. Check with your local health insurance representatives to see what supplemental plans are offered in your area.

Keep these Dates in Mind

Medicare Open Enrollment Period – October 15 to December 7

Marketplace Open Enrollment Period – November 1 to January 31

During the open enrollment periods you can make changes to your insurance coverage. You can…

  • Acquire a new insurance plan if you did not have a plan before.
  • Add additional coverage to an existing plan (e.g. Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement).
  • Switch a plan that does not have a hearing aid benefit to one that does.

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