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Hearing Aid Models and Prices

Ideal is the place to find the world's-best, name-brand hearing aids at discount prices! Buy doctor-recommended hearing instruments from Phonak, ReSound, Rexton, Siemens-Signia and Widex starting at just $1,049 per ear!

All hearing aids from Ideal are brand-new, factory fresh and come with full manufacturer's warranties. We also include a hearing exam, professional programming and fitting, follow-up service and a supply of free batteries to get you started.

Take a moment to check out the great values we offer below or simply call us at (877) 344-7744 today!

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Phonak Audeo B-R
Model Average Retail Our Price per Ear
Audeo B90R $4,000 $2,399
Audeo B70R $2,880 $1,799
Audeo B50R $2,560 $1,399
Phonak's latest! Phonak introduces its high-technology "Belong" platform, now with a rechargable lithium-ion battery...
Phonak Audeo B Direct
Model Average Retail Our Price per Ear
Audeo B90D $4,000 $2,399
Audeo B70D $2,880 $1,799
Audeo B50D $2,560 $1,399
Phonak's newest receiver in canal hearing aid that streams direct to iPhone and other smartphones!
Phonak Audeo B
Model Average Retail Our Price per Ear
Audeo B90 $3,600 $2,249
Audeo B70 $2,640 $1,649
Audeo B50 $2,400 $1,299
Audeo B30 $2,100 $1,049
Phonak introduces its high-technology "Belong" platform for clearer, more natural speech processing...
ReSound LiNX2
LiNX2 9 Call Now for
LiNX2 7 Your Lowest Price!
LiNX2 5 (877) 344-7744
ReSound LiNX2 combines great sound quality with effortless connectivity to your favorite devices.
Rexton Emerald
Model Average Retail Our Price per Ear
Emerald 80 $2,900 $1,699
Emerald 60 $2,400 $1,499
Emerald 40 $2,200 $1,299
Rexton Emerald hearing aids offer superior directionality, full wireless connectivity and rechargability starting for thousands less than local offices!
Starkey Muse
Muse i2400 Call Now for
Muse i2000 Your Lowest Price!
Muse i1600 (877) 344-7744
Muse i1200  
Muse i1000  
The Starkey Muse family of hearing aids features ground breaking 900mHz technology for the fastest speech processing and ear-to-ear communication yet.
Starkey Halo 2
Halo 2 i2400 Call Now for
Halo 2 i2000 Your Lowest Price!
Halo 2 i1600 (877) 344-7744
Starkey Halo 2 offers cutting-edge technology integrating all your favorite functions of Apple® devices.
Signia Pure Primax
Model Average Retail Our Price per Ear
Pure 7px $3,520 $1,949
Pure 5px $2,880 $1,449
Pure 3px $2,400 $1,199
Signia (Siemens) takes your hearing to the next step with style, comfort and performance...
Signia Pure 13 BT Primax
Model Average Retail Our Price per Ear
Pure BT 7 $3,520  $2,149
Pure BT 5 $2,880  $1,699
Pure BT 3 $2,400  $1,299
A premium binaural hearing aid with "made for iPhone" streaming technology ...
Signia Cellion Primax
Model Average Retail Our Price per Ear
Cellion 7px $3,520 $2,149
Cellion 5px $2,880 $1,699
Signia (Siemens) introduces the world's-first, Li-Ion inductive charged hearing aid...

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